Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Oh hey... *insert nervous smile here*

I know I know... Same sob story.. Same excuses. Let me reintroduce myself! Hi I'm Jamie and I had amnesia for quite some time but now I've recuperated so I'm back...

Anyways... Where do I begin? At the beginning right? I wish it were that easy.. My life has been a magical array of blessings lately. Some hidden and some in plain sight and I couldn't be more thankful for both of them. I've been keeping myself grounded and guarded to say the least because life has a way of bringing reality barging through your door and have it sit right at your couch. I don't like unwanted visitors, specially those that sit on my couch without permission!

So where to go with this post? I thought I had my thoughts.. Oh who am I kidding? Life also has a way of shaking you up, of testing you. & the universe has been putting my faith to the test fo' sure!! I don't know if to cry or be angry but I'm holding strong to my roots, to my faith & to my Christianity because there's always something beautiful in something dark. I will not be shaken! (Repeat after me)

Again thanks for attempting to read my rambled thoughts.

I love you.
Jamie F.