Monday, May 23, 2011

Support system = GOD.

Hey loves! :)

It's been a week since I moved into my new place! Whoooo time flew and aside from the weary, rainy weather we've been having; it's been pretty much great :) I started a summer course today, which idk how I feel about it, but hopefully as things start going I get the hang of things. I've also been searching for a job high and low and no one wants to hire which has me a little worried. Nonetheless, I have faith that something will come up. I've got a great support system backing me up and rooting for me, AKA: GOD! ;) Anyways, peace and love darlingssss!

xSigned___JNF. ♥

Sunday, May 15, 2011

Overdose on this medicine, side effects: HAPPINESS!

Some people have been asking me how, how am I doing what I'm currently doing, after being in such a long relationship and being heartbroken for quite some time and I am here to address this the best way I know possible, by telling the truth.

I have no secrets, there are no recipes.
I have no superpowers nor am I a psychic.
I didn't read any books nor did I take any medicine.
The only thing I can prescribe for a broken heart is time.
That's what I prescribed myself.
Time to cry.
Time to heal.
Time to reevaluate my life and myself.
Time to look back.
Time to come to terms with what had happened to my relationship.
Time to mature.
Most importantly time to move on.

This is it, that's what I did for 2 years of my life.
I cried, I tried to get into forced relationships, I kept going back to my ex, I made mistakes, I stumbled, I fell; HARD but I got up. I reevaluated myself, I gave myself time, I matured, and most importantly I moved on. And that's how I am able to be open up to another man without feeling a bit of remorse, without judging him, without worrying that he might do to me what my ex did, without pointing fingers. Was it easy?! HELL NO! It took a lot to be where I am today and it's taking a lot more to keep me here but I am here and it is not impossible. With a lot of dedication and the correct support system anyone can be where I am today. Never loose faith in yourself or love because if you loose yourself, you loose everything. PEACE & LOVE KIDS! XO.

xSigned___JNF. ♥

P.S Above all else love yourself!


You, you came back into my life when I least expected you too.
Old friends catching up like it hadn't been years since we last spoke.
Like we had been communicating all those lost years between us.
And here I am, with a stomach full of butterflies.
More open than I have ever been.
Open to you.
Open to this.
Open to being loved and to love.
Yes I was hurt and deceived before you but I refuse to let that cripple my future or let alone me.
Now I understand what people mean when they look at me and tell me "Jamie you're such a strong person."
I always refused to believe that but now I see it, I feel it.
I love this empowerment I have over myself.
How I'm able to not allow my past experiences ruin my future ones.
How I've taken them and made them learning experiences.
I love every minute I spend with you.
In your presence.
It's amazing to know that men like you still exist, the kind that are a true definition of a gentleman, GENTLE and a MAN.

xSigned___JNF. ♥

Don't forget your roots.

I've abandoned you guys :( with good reason though! I have finished my last semester being a Junior in college and next semester I go in as a college Senior! Wooooh how time flies! I was just graduating high school not so long ago, atleast that's how it feels. However as I look back at the wonderful memories I am absolutely glad and most importantly blessed to be where I am today. So many things have happened within this 2 week period that it's unbelieveable! I've moved into my own apartment, a wonderful man has entered my life, i've been exhausted, I've cried, I've been happy, I've smiled, laughed; soooo many things it's overwhelmingly joyous. I have to give thanks to God ofcourse who's guided me down this amazing path and for allowing me to never loose faith in him and the wonderful things he has had in store for me. Anyways guys PEACE & LOVE. XO.

xSigned___JNF. ♥

Monday, May 2, 2011

Move on. Move out. Move in.

As I told you all I am moving out of my parents house and NO LONGER DORMING and moving into my own apartment in approximately 2 weeks! I'm excited about this eventhough it's a little bittersweet. However in the midst of it all I have come up with a list of pros about moving into my new place. Read on!

-My own personal space!
-No more sharing the bathroom with 40000 other not so clean girls.. (Things got sooooo disgusting this semester in our floor bathroom :-/)
-No more having to leave my place to go to the dining hall in sleet, hail, flood, tornado, blizzard, and any other dire weather forecasts to eat disgusting food.
-I have my own kitchen to eat an array of GREAT food!
-No more eating out and having to wait 45 mins to an hour for it to get to my place. I live in the heart of my school's Main street.
-No more having someone disturb your sleep or nap -____-
-No more having someone loudly talk on the phone around you when you want to do the above!
-No more having someone loudly bang their drawers in the morning!
-Did I mention my OWN PERSONAL SPACE!
-I get to do what I want, when I get, how I want, whenever I want in my own bedroom without having to ask "do you mind"!
-My own livng room :)
-No more building curfew (yes the dorm I lived in had curfew o___O)

Okay I think I'm done! Feel free to add any ;) PEACE AND LOVE!

xSigned___JNF. ♥