Monday, November 1, 2010

Live a self approved life. Muahhhhh!

I complain.
I fuss.
I fight.
I cry.
I exhaust myself.
But at the end of the day my destiny is in His
He gives me all I need and more than I deserve.
He guides me through trials and tribulations
to only deliver me with an abundance of blessings.
I question him sometimes but it is within my human
nature to do so not realizing that all He is doing
is fpr my betterment.
I should thank Him everyday of my life just for
the simple fact that I am alive and breathing
but I don't.
Not because I don't want to but because I simply
haven't made it a habit and I should.
I should be able to thank God every single day
of my living life for all He has done along the way
for me.
Today, with a smile on my face, I want to thank Him
for being there side by side.
Lifting me when I needed
him, cheering me on when I needed him.
Whispering simple things into my ear when I needed a reminder.
For blessing me with this amazing life, these
amazing people, these negative people, these
poeple that have made me grow, helped me grow, pushed me
down, picked me up.
For every single thing; big or small.
I am thankful for them, from the bottom of my heart.

xSinged___JNF. ♥

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