Monday, April 4, 2011

Why wait?

I'm suppose to be doing a case study on Red Bull for my Marketing class that's due tomorrow but I opted out on it and decided to blog instead which always ups my mood. Anyways lately I've been thinking about so many things, my future in general, and today as I sat around a table with many of my colleagues discussing "girl stuff" while enjoying our daily meal it hit me. It all hit me at the same time. I spent the whole day processing so many things in my head that I even got so exhausted that I fell asleep and was late for one of my meetings.. *Sigh*

Anyways I have recently began wondering why men are able to just get up and look for a relationship but women just need to sit there and wait to be found. How come this is so? I have recently began seeing that my CLOCK IS TICKING and it is not waiting for me to catch up. How am I just suppose to sit here and "wait" for "love" to come find me? It's the way it's suppose to be done I KNOW but in this fast paced, polychronic society we live in who has TIME to just sit around and wait? I don't think I am patient enough for this. Excuse my french but FUCK what the books say! I bet the first people that are going to disagree with me are the ones that ARE NOT IN A RELATIONSHIP. That's another thing I have to STOP doing is turning to those people that do not have what I want to have! Peace and love kids.

xSigned___JNF. ♥

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