Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Summer 2011! ♥

So summer has ended and Fall 2011 classes have begun. It's my senior year of college and I'm nervous and ecstatic all at the same time. This summer was filled with so many memories, good and bad. However, I'm entirely glad I experienced it. I spent money too recklessly, I had long nights, I took too little trips, I spent an array of time at the beach, I ate whatever and whenever! I cried, laughed, danced, slept all at the same time (Is that possible?). I worked an amazing job and met amazing people. I spent too little time indoors and too much time outside. Could my summer have been better? YES! But would I trade it for a re-do? HELL NO! Summers are for lessons, for mistakes, for new people andd old people. They are to be lived carefree with one thing in mind, make it a memorable one. As I kissed summer 2011 goodbye yesterday, I welcomed with open arms Fall 2011.

xSigned___JNF. ♥

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