Sunday, October 2, 2011

Send his ASS packing!

Hypocrisy is something I've never been fond of. I've never tolerated it but up until the other day did I notice that women are the biggest hypocrites alive. We say things we don't mean. We allow men to take advantage of us and when they turn their backs we say we'll put them in line then they tell us a sweet thing and POW we're back to being hypocrites. I KNOW that NOT all women are like this but some, okay MANY, are. Things happen in this world because we sometimes allow them too. Men cheat because we're either helping them cheat or forgiving them because they cheated. I assure you that if you set boundaries and even if it was just ONE time that he were to cross those boundaries and you sent his ass packing he would learn. If the next girl did the same thing and the one after that and the one after her and so on this world would be a much better place! Later kids.

xSigned_JNF. ♥

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