Thursday, June 19, 2014

Feed your soul but starve your wallet.

I have a soul sister.
Her soul and my soul align perfectly together.
We usually discuss politics, life, books, Jesus, love, money, business, and world news.
When my soul aches her soul aches as well and vise versa.

Last night we were talking about our lives and how unbelievably frustrating they have been lately.
You see we are two young adults trying to make it in this life.
We want happiness, prosperity, health, love & success; via our own definition of course.
The problem is sometimes we may need the help of others to achieve this and sometimes those others may not be so willing to help.

I live in a city where young adults are clawing at their very own selves to try and make a living.
No one understands the struggle of living in a poverty stricken city like young adults trying to make a living.
I truly dislike telling myself that I hate where I live but sometimes I do.
Everyone asks for experience on your resume but no one is willing to help you get it or better yet allow you to do so.
Trust me if experience were something I could buy I would do so in a heartbeat.

Everyone in this city lives with a stick up their ass.
Mad at the world because this city is "oh so bad".
When in turn they are the only ones making this city the way it is.

None wants to give young adults a chance because they stereotype us all.
They say that we are lazy, spoiled, entitled and not willing to work for what we want.
It's beyond overwhelming and frustrating.

I love this place.
It has so much potential and livelihood but no one seems to care about it.
And that's where the problem lies...
Everyone scrambling to make a living. To pay the bills, the school loans, car payments, mortgages yet there are but so many jobs and new ones aren't being created.

So that leaves us, the young adults, with nothing but empty hands and empty dreams.
They feed your soul but starve your wallet.

xoxo, J.

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