Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Dear you.

Dear you,

At first I was angry, very angry and resented. I was confused
and forlorn. I said everything that came to my mind, no matter
how hurtful those things were. I wrote things down, I wrote things
about you, about me, about us. As time went on my anger subsided,
my confusion didn't however. Never did I once tell you that I would
be all that you wanted but you still leaped for me, did the
imaginable for me, loved me. I learned the reason why we tore
eachother apart. I've been learning to cope with it also. But I
can't anymore because I know deep down if things would have been
different me and you would have still been one. And that bothers me,
it bothers me alot. But things weren't different, and we fought a
battle to at the end loose it. I know you win some and then you loose
some but I always wondered why did this specific battle, after 3 yrs.
of an on-going fight, did we have to loose it? I never have loved
someone the way I loved you. Everday day of my life for the past 9
months I have been asking the same questions over and over again,
WHY? Why us? Why me? Why you? What was the point of our love?
What was the lesson? Shouldn't there be something in the midst of
all this pain? Some type of hidden message that I should have known
by now? The only thing I want out of all of this is a second chance
to make things right and if things go left I know then that me and
you weren't made for eachother and that my questions would finally
be answered. I wouldn't have to sit here and ask myself, 'what if?'
every second of everyday. So young and already damaged by love....<|3

Sincerely, xSigned___JNF. ♥

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