Sunday, August 22, 2010


Last night was an eventful night. Filled with
answered prayers. Filled with forgiveness. Filled
with realness and straight up truth. No matter
how angry I should be at the moment I am not.
I am the most peaceful person on earth at the
moment. I love to the extreme what last night
did to me. It changed me. I was able to forgive
a person that had done so much wrong to me because
there was regret, remorse, and realness on his part.
He freed me completely. I am not broken anymore.
I can sit here and admire my scars. I can touch
them and feel them and smile at them. I can
whisper to myself that it's finally over. That
I don't have to wonder or cry anymore. That it's
okay to stop being bitter and angry and forlorn
and confused. It's okay to sing to the world. It's
okay to boast my happiness. I am so glad I was
able to accept last night like a mature adult.
I just wish everyone would go through what I
am going through at the moment. I would love for
everyone to feel my happiness and my peacefulness.
It was a long road filled with so many things
but I have reached the end to only start a whole
new chapter of my life. I am renewed.

xSigned___JNF. ♥

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