Tuesday, April 10, 2012

I want someone, all of someone, forever.

Do you know that first infatuation you have with some one?
When you can never get enough of them?
When all you want to do is be with them at all times even if you're doing nothing?
Do you think it is possible for this feeling to last forever?

I know no couple or no 2 people are perfect and arguments happen and misunderstandings happen and LIFE happens.
But, for example, I'll tell you about my parents.
They've been married for 30 years and they are completely and madly in love.
My dad left the country for 2 weeks 3 weeks ago & my parents were acting like they had never been separated a day in their life.
When my dad came back it was so beautiful to see how in synch they still were after so many years and after having 3 kids.

I want this.
I want to fight and argue and still love my significant other no less.
I want to be as infatuated with this person as the first day.
I want to leave the country for 2 weeks only to come back & feel like I had never left.
I want to be madly in love all the time, no matter what & I want my significant other to feel the same way.
I want to be crazy about someone every waking day of my life & I want someone to be crazy about me.
I want to love and be in love and most importantly I want to be loved back.
I want a person that can love even the dirtiest corners of my soul because I know I can reciprocate this.
I want a person that is strong enough to face me when I'm raging yet gentle enough to know when to hold me when I'm weak.
I want to be married for 30 years and act like a school-child when my husband leaves the country.
I want someone, all of someone, forever.

xSigned___JNF. ♥

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