Monday, April 30, 2012

A brand new love.

I threaded along a rocky road.
Full of disappointment.
Full of tears.
Full of sorrow.
Every time I told myself, "This one is the one".
& every time I was wrong.
Every time my heart would be completely
Obliterated by the person whom I
Trusted, whom I loved, whom I
Opened myself up to fully.

However, I had no clue that I had secret angels.
Secret angels that rooted for my well-being.
That wished upon me nothing but happiness.
These secret angels who so beautifully pushed me
Into contentment along with my favorite man, God.

It happened when I least expected it.
It came one day in the form of friendship.
It wrapped me up in its formidable arms &
It seems to not want to let me go.
It seems to be telling me that here in its arms
It will protect me, that I can trust it, that I can be
All I want to be. That I don't have to be perfect because
I am perfect just the way I am.

A new life, a new day, a brand new love.

My happy ending to be continued.....<3

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