Friday, May 11, 2012

Aching heart.

I'm ambitious, stubborn.
When something is stuck in my head I chase it away by chasing after what's invading my thoughts. No matter what it is.
Life hasn't been easy lately but when is life ever easy.
I should be so happy of my many accomplishments so far.
I've come such a long way, such a long long long way.
Unfortunately some sort of empathetic feeling is overwhelming me.
There's some sort of sorrow invading my soul.
I've been trying really hard to rid myself of it.
However, it's always like Jamie to mask her emotions.
But this time is different I've been talking about it and using healthy techniques to shake this.

I can write about anything, whatever.
A color, an animal, a song, a tree, for Christ sake even a wall.
But for some reason everytime I try to write about what's going on with me
I can't, I won't let myself.
I've been asking myself why do I feel the way I do but not even the deepest part of my soul
Is protruding an answer.
Maybe the feeling will leave on its own if I don't pay it much mind or maybe not.
Whatever the case I just hope I am able to deal with the outcome.

xSigned___JNF. ♥

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