Friday, May 18, 2012

Dirty fingers.

Days like today make me really wonder the motive
behind some people's actions. They make me wonder
why are there so many miserable people out there that
refuse to let others live their life happily. It is
definitely not my problem that you lead an insignificant
life. & it's definitely not anyone else's problem either.
I truly dislike people like that. So miserable that
they cant stand and see others succeed. They refuse
to let go. That's how I know some people can't sleep
at night. Their dirty conscious doesn't allow them too.
They have to cling and leech off of someone else's emotional
health. Astonishing how a human works.

I can sit here and tell you that I've lied and I've
hurt others but I've also been lied too and hurt. &
those people that have lied to me and that have hurt
me I've never wished upon them any wrong. I am no one
to take revenge upon someone doing me wrong. That's
where God and LIFE come into the picture. I can sit
here and be woman enough and tell you that, yup I've
fucked up, I've probably made more than one person
cry with my actions, I've upset people, I've lied,
I've blantantly disregarded peoples feelings, I've
embellished stories, I've cursed, I've screamed,
I've yelled, I've cried. Yes I have, multiple times.

I can also tell you that I was young.
That I was naive.
That I was trying to be accepted by people who at
the end of the day wouldn't accept me regardless
of the fact. Some people will forever judge you
by your past and that's completely fine.
You let them do that. You also show them that
your past doesn't dictate your future.
I learned to embrace that today. I learned to
also accept it.
However, I'll tell you what I find funny.
The same people pointing fingers and judging
are the ones with the dirtiest past.

xSigned___JNF. ♥

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