Tuesday, May 15, 2012

The walls have ears too.

I overheard a conversation.
A conversation so intimate not even the walls should have heard it.

Before anything I will start off by saying that the woman I have grown to be, I will always be. I will always be witty and feisty. I will always be a smartass and an asshole at times.
On that note...

I now understand why some women are the way they are.
I now understand why they rather be single & happy, than in a relationship & miserable.
I now understand why some women carry baggage into their new relationship.
I now understand why women fight for other women's rights.
I now understand why some women rather stand as one than as two.

My past has shown me what I do not want in a man or in a relationship.
& though not all men are conniving & cheaters, many of them are.
So I will say one thing, I do not give forty flying hoots that I've been with my husband 40 years, if he cheats he's getting his stepping on.
If you, as a woman, tolerate that once you're telling him that you will forever tolerate it.
Boyfriend, fiance, husband, whatever you want to call him, if he cheats you have him pack his sorry ass bag and show him the door (paper work can be worked out accordingly!).

That's one thing my past has done to me; turn me into a non-bullshitter accepter (is that even a word/phrase?!).
My bullshit acceptance has surpassed its limit & is on overload.
I just refuse to accept it.
You either treat me right or you don't treat me at all.
Those are the rules and will forever remain the rules for as long as I live.

'Till the next time dolls! XO!

xSigned___JNF. ♥

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