Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Once a lover, now a COMPLETE stranger.

I've been everywhere!
School started and yeaaaa you know the rest...
I have no excuses only valid reasons ;-)

You might be able to tell what I'm going to blog about by the title of my blog post...

Walking amongst people on campus and I see familiar faces and not so familiar faces.
I acknowledge some, disregard others.
Then there's you.
The person who was once the object of all my blogposts.
The person who was intertwined in between every sentence, every word, every letter, every emotion.
Now there's you.
The you I pass on campus and don't acknowledge.
The you I seldom remember your name.
The you I don't know.
The you that gets blurred in between a group of people.
The you, that on those rare ocassions I do look at, gets unfiltered in my mind.
Single handedly you tried to destroy me but you didn't succeed.
What you did succeed on was on permanently excluding yourself from my thoughts.

I once thought that for some crazy reason I would never get over the guy up there.
You all remember him, every one of my blogposts was about him.
But now I see him on campus and he's like a stranger.
A person I've never met.
It's like inception.
The people you see once in your whole entire life and you never see them again but that night you end up having a dream about them and you wonder where the hell have you seen them.
That's him to me.
A fig of my imagination.
It's like he was a person I saw once and somehow had a dream about him.
Our whole "relationship" a dream, then I woke up and now I see him and wonder "where the hell have I seen him?!"
Someone, once, mentioned him to me and I kid you not I couldn't remember who he was.
The person thought I was joking but I really wasn't.
It didn't bother me that I had forgotten his name but I guess someone felt otherwise.
You may be reading this and think that I'm crazy (not that I care less if you think I am!) & trust me I thought about this before blogging about it but this is my blog and I blog about what I want. (I promise I'm not crazy!)



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