Tuesday, July 24, 2012

"Oh I just need more."

A good job.
A good life.
Good friends.
A good family.
A strong faith.

Let's say you have all of this and so much more.
Or let's say you don't have it but let's pretend you do.

I've noticed something.
I've noticed that, we as humans, when we get comfortable we want more.

A good paying job, "oh I need a better paying job."
A good significant other, "oh there's just something missing."
A good EVERYTHING, "oh I just need more."

I'm not saying that you should settle for less and nor am I saying that life is perfect but sometimes, just sometimes, we should take some time to appreciate the good things in life AS THEY COME.
What's with the rushing around?
What's with the heavy sighing?
What's with the "needing" more? (side note: there's only one person in this world that knows what we need, therefore this "needing" turns into WANTING!!)

More money.
A faster car.
A bigger house.
A better job.

We want it all in one day without realizing that one day we might have it all or, maybe just maybe, it may all be taken away from us because just as fast as it came it can go away.

Love & summer kisses!

xSigned___JNF. ♥

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