Monday, July 29, 2013

Perfect timing?

When is the perfect moment? When is it exactly right? At what moment do you say okay this is it because this is the most perfect moment?

You know I never understood that concept.. The concept of doing things at the perfect moment. Call me crazy but I think every moment of everyday is the perfect moment. That expensive dress collecting dust in your closet because there are no "special occasions" to wear it too? Hand it over to me because I will wear the life out of it! That perfume you're saving to go on the perfect date? Hand it over to me, it will be gone in less than a week! That matching bra and underwear set you bought saving it for a perfect night? Uhhhhh wait I won't wear this everyday but just know I will wear it more than once!

My point here is to help you understand that there are no perfect moments in the calendar so stop waiting for them. You! You are the dictator of these moments. I read this and shortly after finishing burst into tears...

"She was having the worst year of her life and I knew this because she was my girlfriend. She had lost her dream job over something minor, a close relative had died, her childhood pet had also died and she had no luck finding something to do she loved. After months upon months of searching she still had no luck. Her faith had diminished, even if it was a little bit. I still felt it. However I kept pushing her forward. This was the woman I wanted to be with for the rest of my life, though we had only been together for 1 year, I knew this. Everything about her was perfect for me. Before I ever thought about doing this, about proposing, it was just a mere flame but her love had fueled a passion. A passion for a future with her and only her. I didn't plan this because no day is perfect. I didn't sit down and jot ideas. I didn't have a speech handy, nothing. I went to a jewelry store and picked out the ring I knew she would love the most but most importantly a ring that represented our unity and our relationship. I carried this ring in my pocket for days that turned into weeks into months and now into a year. You see I was subconsciously waiting for the perfect day even though I knew deep down there were none. For the day everything got better in her life. A day that the sun was shining and the weather was perfect. I soon came to realize that I would be waiting forever if this was the case. So on a random day, trust me very random, (it was the worst weather ever; It was raining and thundering and windy - her worst nightmare she hates this weather) I wanted Thai food and to our luck we had a really good Thai restaurant about 3 blocks from us. So I asked if she wanted to come with me and she looked at me like I was crazy (you know that look) so I knew that was a no. Fast forward about 30 minutes she walks into my office and asked if I still wanted to go eat so I said yes and on we went into the weather that suddenly had gotten worse. She was frantically walking toward the restaurant and at this point our umbrella was nonexistent and I just dropped to one knee. It was like a magnetic force field, I lie to you not. So she turned around and told me exactly this "really Kevin you couldn't wait to tie your shoe in the restaurant!" And there and then I blurted it out "Priscilla will you marry me?".. The wind got worse, the rain got harder, the thundering got louder and she dropped to her knees with me and said yes. We didn't make it to the restaurant by the way. Instead we went back to my place and made dinner together."

The point of this story? There are no perfect days only perfect moments. I love the fact that Kevin turned Priscilla's worst year into the most beautiful one. He didn't wait for her to have a great year to propose. He proposed in the midst of chaos and troubles. This post isn't about proposing but It's about helping you understand that tomorrow isn't promised and that we have to take the good with the bad. Life throws us so many curve balls that sometimes we don't even know if we should dodge them or not. If you are waiting to do something big in your life or saving something for a special occasion I'm here to tell you not too. Don't wait. Do it tomorrow if you can. Or right now. Life is not measured by the number of breaths we take but by the moments that take our breath away.

Peace and love!

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