Monday, June 24, 2013

One year later...

"I want to fight and argue and still love my significant other no less.
I want to be as infatuated with this person as the first day.
I want to leave the country for 2 weeks only to come back & feel like I had never left.
I want to be madly in love all the time, no matter what & I want my significant other to feel the same way.
I want to be crazy about someone every waking day of my life & I want someone to be crazy about me.
I want to love and be in love and most importantly I want to be loved back.
I want a person that can love even the dirtiest corners of my soul because I know I can reciprocate this.
I want a person that is strong enough to face me when I'm raging yet gentle enough to know when to hold me when I'm weak.
I want to be married for 30 years and act like a school-child when my husband leaves the country.
I want someone, all of someone, forever."

I wrote this exactly 1 year ago 2 days before my new relationship started in my post "I want someone, all of someone, forever!" and 1 year and a couple of months later it is amazing how I feel exactly like this. Now you may say "1 year? That's nothing!" but in one year so many things can happen and transcend. That's exactly what has happened.

We have been in the deepest darkest places of our relationship. We have disagreed. We have cried. We have let the sun go down on our anger (NEVER IN A DISRESPECTFUL manner, we don't call each other ugly names and neither do we even think about physically hurting each other, if that's what you were thinking!) but here we stand stronger than ever, mapping and planning our future together. We have known each other for 6 years and had a very casual friendship when I was in high school and he started college. I used to give him girlfriend advice relating to his then girlfriend and about 1 year of not talking we reconnected and here we are in a beautiful, loving, giving relationship.

6 years ago this man came into my life but little did I know that at the end of those 6 years God was going to completely cross our paths. It's so amazing how life works, when you least expect it you get all that you want and more. He's my best friend. My companion. The only man in my life that willingly takes me higher when I'm already high. He's always ready to trek any road with me, shoes tied and arms wide open. His love soothes any and every wound and no matter how low I am he always manages to bring me back up. He loves me under any condition and at every circumstance, yes even when we argue and disagree! I love him so much and he makes me so proud! I know he will make the best husband and daddy a woman could ever ask for. I always prayed for good love and asked God to send me the man I deserved when I was ready and here he is. In my life, making me the happiest woman alive!

Every woman deserves what I have. An understanding, loving, patient, strong, handsome man but it doesn't come easy. It's lots of hard work, lots of soul searching. You've got to reach rock bottom before finding your true soulmate and EVERYONE knows I did! I had my share of douchebags and it feels so liberating to have a real man in my life! This one is for you baby! I love you more than life.


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  1. I don't usually comment, even though I've followed your blog since day 1, I just want you to know that asking god for anything else would be selfish of me considering the blessing I've received in you...I love you and want to spend the rest of forever with you