Monday, June 24, 2013


Women is always my favorite topic.
Being a woman, acting like a woman, carrying yourself as a woman, speaking like a woman, living like a woman, anything woman you got it I'll speak, read, write, sing, talk, ANYTHING about it!
The topic of womanhood is always a controversial one because people always have differing opinions about it. I love hearing all the different opinions about what does being a woman entail and I've heard it all! From "women should be at home tending to their duties" (ummmmm excuse me?!) to "women are as equal as men and should have equal opportunities" (that's more like it!)

I have my own opinions, like everyone else. I love what it means to be a woman. I love embracing what comes from being a woman but it daunts me that some people don't respect women for who they are and what they have to bring to this world.

I wrote this on my personal Instagram the other day:

"I urge women of all ages to educate themselves. To know that tomorrow is not promised and to engrave that in their hearts because a woman who is educated is admired by all. I urge women of all ages to free themselves of the shackles that past women have tied themselves with, the shackles of fear. Fear that without a man they will be nothing. Fear that their dreams will never come true if they are left to accomplish them alone. Go to school. Get four degrees. Live in India. Eat in Paris. Read books. Learn another language. Be a sponge and most importantly be a queen. A queen that tomorrow could be left with nothing but could still stand for everything."

If you can't help yourself, no one will be able to do so! It shocks me to see females stuck in the "I'm nothing without a man" phase. How do they plan on being in a healthy, wonderful, loving, and strong relationship with that mentality?!

Anyways, until the next time my darlings!


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