Friday, June 25, 2010

Back to square three.

After about a month without hearing from you,
today out of all days, you decide to call me.
It was kind of weird to hear your sweet voice,
that I so many nights had yearned to hear. I
dismissed your call blatantly,telling you that
I was busy & couldn't talk, without giving you
a chance to respond I hung up. I refrained myself
from texting you but I did anyways.Now I am sitting
here waiting for you to text back and I have realized
that I am back at square three but that's a good thing,
atleast I am not back at square one. Atleast this
ache isn't so bad as it were to be if I would be
standing back at square one. Atleast this desire
for you to text me back isn't as big as if I were
to be standing in square one. It's funny how things
work in life..I thought I would never be able to move
from square one, but here I am standing on square three
not wanting to glance back past my shoulder..Now I am
here standing in square three looking forward and it feels damn good.

xSigned___JNF. ♥

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