Monday, June 28, 2010

Sleeping memories.

Today I dreamt of him, like every other day.
These were the exact words in my dream that
came out of his mouth: "I'm not even going to
lie after November I was in a thinking phase but
I decided to wait for the right one. The one whose
going to be there for me 100% and give me her all. No
doubt you were there for me but you only gave me 25%
of you." (& then my 3 yr. old brother decided to
savagely knock on my door and awoke me!) This however
will haunt me forever the fact that I never got to show
him the real me. The real me everyone so dearly loves
& cares for. The girl I thought he was refusing to see
but in reality I was the one refusing to show him. This
answers the one question I always asked myself, "How can
everyone see & admire all of my beautiful assets but he
can't?" Well that's because I never allowed him to see them.

Maybe one day I'll get another opportunity to do so...

xSigned___JNF. ♥


  1. love this, because i feel like this is my love life in essence, down to the nose, even the novemeber part. because there was a got away too quickly, in novemeber, but he finally found his way back, in june. so i guess i'm saying, if its meant, you;ll get to show dream guy the realy things that make you amazing. :)

  2. I wish this will be the case Des! Thanks for reading love ♥