Thursday, March 24, 2011

Life is a ticking bomb.

Yesterday, while I was having a good 'ol nap (something I rarely have) my sister called me. I noticed she was frantic, very frantic and shaky. I proceeded to ask her what was the matter and crying she told me about an incident that had happened at her job: an elder man had died right before her eyes. Through the tears, exhaustion, impact, and every other feeling that was surging through her she told me this: "It made such a huge impact in my life. He was alright one minute and the next minute he was dead. It makes me really appreciate my loved ones." I thought about this for 2 hrs. after we hung up and she had calmed down. She is right you know. Though this elder man had health conditions he was still alive and moving. One minute he was sitting on a chair at her job and the next minute he was gone. We often complain about the life we lead or if one of our loved ones happen to frustrate us but the truth is life is a ticking bomb ready to explode when the time runs out. We all have a path in this life and once our path reaches a dead end, well that's it a dead end. It's scary to think about but it helps you understand that nothing is forever. That instead of complaining about the little things, appreciate them. That the next time you want to tell your sister, your brother, or anyone that you "hate them" (even if you don't mean it!) because they've gotten you mad THINK and instead tell them you LOVE THEM. Call your parents just to see how they are doing if you don't live with them. Tell your siblings you love them even though they get on your nerves. Call a friend and ask how they've been doing. Go take a walk. Run that extra mile. Go watch a sunset. Do things you've never done before just because you want too. Tomorrow is not promised and you never know when your bomb will explode. Peace and love kids.

xSigned___JNF. ♥


  1. Foreal! Appreciate life now for it will not always be there! Thanks for sharing this :)

  2. My sister, This was one of the most impacting experiences in my life. I realized exactly his, that no matter what cherish your every moment in life. To never take not even a second for granted. To love unconditionally and to let that known. So here I say I love you.♥