Wednesday, September 1, 2010


Who was I kidding?! Why did I even have the
slightest idea that things were going to be
different. That you would change. That you
were actually, this time around, going to
be a friend; a REAL friend? I truly thank God
for giving me the strength to forgive you, but
I believe I should have been weak and immature
and not even have had the thought of forgiving you
running through my mind. But I did. I was strong.
I was freed. I was at peace and I forgave you.
You cried, crocodile tears, but you cried. That
night you appeared to be a man, a real man but
here we are back to square three. Back to you
being the same person. Back to your lies. & here
goes my heart getting confused, not knowing what
beat to follow. I guess when someone admits to
being ugly in the inside you should run, but
here I am standing here waiting for a miracle.
Waiting for something that obviously will never
happen. Waiting for some kind of sign. Here
goes my heart back to being in solace. You took
me so high only to drop me from the very top.
Maybe it's my fault. Maybe I let this happen.
Maybe I should just blame myself. My heart tells
me one thing but my mind is telling me another.
Do I listen to something that for the past 3
years has ferociously felt the need to direct
me to loving you? Or should I listen to
something that for the past year has told me
let go? I guess I should have ran that one day.
But I'm still standing here with arms wide open
waiting for the day that you either run into
them or they just get tired....I hope you
choose to run into them, it'll be tragic if
you don't.

xSigned___JNF. ♥

P.S Hey guys by the way 1st week of classes
are going great :) & I've been doing so much
& catching up with familiar faces also
meeting some unfamiliar ones! Much love to
you all; Keep reading! :D Kisses and hugs!

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