Thursday, September 23, 2010


It's been forever!
Just know that the swing of things
has enhanced. School has come to
a full circle now. I am just going
'round and 'round until break arrives.
I won't complain, it keeps me busy.
REALLY busy. So busy I have no time to
think about mediocre things. Alot has
happened in my life lately. Alot of good
things, alot of bad things. However I am
thankful for every single one of those

Now I bring to you this topic,
the single woman topic. I am utterly
tired of the repsonse I get for being
an independent, hard-working, single
woman. I would love to know what is
wrong with that? Why is it a problem
that, for now, I would love to be POWERFUL,
SUCCESSFUL & SINGLE all at the same time?
Why do I need a man in my life to do all
of the above? Society has molded our minds
to think that a woman is nobody without a
man. That women are doormats, that women
cannot succeed in this life without a man.
Well I will tell you otherwise. This is NOT
true! You can be anyone you want to be in
this world if you persevere, if you push
through all of your barriers, if you commit
yourself to it. WE were born alone, yes we
were. & yes I understand God did not put us
in this world to be alone becuase if that's
the case he would have only made one gender
but as a woman I can truly say that we have
become so dependent on men. Just to prove
this let's start with careers. When someone
asks me what is my major in school and I
reply with: "I am a Business Management
major with a double Minor in Economics
and Spanish and a Concentration in
Leadership" some look at me like I am
retarded leading to in short terms "that's
a males field." Then they follow with the
question "What do you want to do with that?"
As if that is a trick question, so I answer
"I want to work for a leading corporation, to
then fend out on own to my own business, preferably
a jointly owned company, to then later on in
my life be a business professor in an accredited
higher institution." That's when they really
loose it. We as woman has been pin-pointed with
so many labels and it's kind of sad. However, I
refuse to let those things get in the way of what
I want to do with my life. Will it be hard because
of my gender? Hell Yes! But I rather tell my problems
how BIG my God is!

Power to women all around the world!

xSigned___JNF. ♥


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