Monday, February 14, 2011

Celebrate yourself!

Valentine's day came and went. Honestly I thought I was going to be a bitter person today going around cursing the cute little things couples would be doing around campus during this day. I woke up this morning and thanked God for another day of life. Another opportunity to start over new. I found myself in the best spirits ever. And as the day went on it just got better and better. I was so happy for the little things. The smiles I gave strangers. The cute little text messages my girlfriends wrote me. The cute little messages the guys who secretly have a crush on me wrote on my Facebook wall or privately messaged me them. The greetings strangers would give me and I would return. The beautiful 55 degree weather. The sky. The lunch I had with one of my best friends. The hugs from friends. The Valentine's day wishes from professors. I appreciated it all. I celebrated the new love that has come into my life, the love that has gone, and the love that has yet to be but most importantly I celebrated ME. I celebrated the fact that on a day like this I didn't have to be with a significant other to appreciate it. I celebrated the fact that I am finally mature enough to love myself, and be indulged in myself so much that I didn't miss the company of a significant other on a day like today. I loved every minute of today, single and all. ;)

I hope everyone had as good of a Valentine's day as I did! & if you didn't just remember there is always next year! Muahhhhh.

xSigned___JNF. ♥