Sunday, March 4, 2012

Before you fall inlove with me.

Before you fall in love with me it may be in your best interest to know who you are falling in love with. You are falling in love with a woman that's been hurt, mistreated, mislead, misguided, played with, yet she stills loves with intensity. You're falling in love with a woman so smart yet dumb enough to love you equally or even with greater intent. You're falling in love with a woman so delicate that a mere sentence can make her cry. A woman so strong she stands up for what she believes in even if she stands alone. A woman so vulnerable she may not let you in all at once. A woman so captivating she'll have you hanging on her every word. A woman that can lead as well as follow. A woman that whatever is hers is yours as well. A woman that can fall a million times but get up a million and one. A woman that would rather have your time than your money, a kiss than a gift, a hug than a card, a picnic than a fancy restaurant. A woman that has come a long way and is willing to go further, no matter the obstacles. A nurturing woman, a strongheaded woman, a fair woman, an artistic woman, a devoted woman. A woman that has a past. A woman that has made mistakes. A woman that loves her family & those friends that have become her family more than anything in this world. A woman who isn't afraid to face you when angry. A woman that understands that everyone's belief system is different. A woman so in love with God she puts him above everyone else, no matter what. A woman that wouldn't lead you astray. A woman that will take your hand in time of need and pray with you. A woman you can build with.

I may not be who you think I am. I may not be who you want me to be either. However, I am me and there is noone in this world that can be me more perfectly than myself.

xSigned___JNF. ♥

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