Saturday, March 17, 2012


I have refrained from writing about this thousands of times, for various reasons but I can't no longer and plus what would my blog be if I didn't? There's this man in my life that is absolutely wonderful. So genuinely wonderful that not ONCE did I ever question the fact that he was so wonderful. This man makes me glow from the inside out so much that I swear I'm going to turn into a lightbulb one of these days *insert blush here*. One touch and my heartbeat jirates into an endless abyss of thuds. One look and millions of butterflies rummage around in my stomach. He makes me feel this peaceful happiness that I've NEVER once felt in my life. He makes me embrace the skin I am in furthermore than I've ever embraced it. I do not have to be anyone but myself around him and I can't help but be anyone but me because he so genuinely embraces who he is. I don't have to worry about "dressing up" because the best makeup I can wear around him is my bare skin. I've never once found the need to exaggerate any part of me because he so humbly accepts me for who I am. My endless laughter and happiness is proof that for once in my life I am developing a healthy relationship with another individual. I knew a relationship like this existed and I knew that I would once in my life come across it but I guess deep down I always questioned when. & by relationship I mean friendship. I am glad that this man, before anything else, can be my friend first. Theres something so pure about all of this, just ask the smile that has permanently become a part of me.

'Till the next time dolls!

xSigned___JNF. ♥

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