Thursday, July 22, 2010

Beautiful girls all over the world...

Almost two months without talking to you and tonight you called.
I couldn't believe my eyes. My heart skipped a couple of beats
and I started to kind of shake. A huge smile slowly crept on my face.
We somewhat updated eachother about our lives. You told me you had
been thinking about me that's why you called. We hung up and so
many memories seeped in and replayed in my head. I'm sitting here
smiling. Wishing time could speed up to the day where I get to see
you again.

These are the things that give me a little more hope.
These are the things that confuse me.
These are the things that make me wonder about God's
plan with us. Maybe his plan is done, his mission complete.
Or maybe it has just begun, maybe this is just the beginning
of us. Maybe what we went through was a test to see what we
really wanted, to make us stronger.
Or maybe I'm just kidding myself. Maybe I'm just reading
in between the lines too much. Maybe this is all in my head.
Maybe one day I will see what truly is and what truly isn't.
Until then I'll wonder and hope that you are the one for me.

xSigned___JNF. ♥

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