Sunday, July 4, 2010

One love.

Aren't you tired of the running around? Don't you want to be my only one? Baby here I am, I'm your girl. One mind, one heart, one love. Take my hand this was made to last forever..♥

Mood: ANGRY!

Damn it when will this all end? When will I stop loving you?
Why must I continue to hurt? It's been 8 months already I should
be somewhat better, right? WRONG! Yea all that other shit I write
about being on square three & not looking to the past & it feeling
'damn good' is bullshit but I need to write things like that. It's
my source of strength. It's the only thing I can do to move forward,
day by day. When will I stop crying? This shit kills me knowing how
you're fucking going around jolly as shit enjoying your life while I
mourn our love lost, while I see you in my dreams, while somedays I
wakeup in the morning and fucking hope it's the day I see you. I've
been through heart break before but nothing compares to this shit.
This shit is real & I keep telling myself it will pass like the
prior one but this is difficult. It doesn't want to pass, it's not
like I'm telling myself it's going to be. I can't seem to shake you
& it seems like everyday our memories find their way deeper into my heart...

This is strenuous.
I just want it to end one way or another, it's about time.

xSigned___JNF. ♥


  1. it'll be over soon and when that day comes you'll feel rejuvenated. at least i felt that way.

  2. I hope it is over soon Rose, I really do....