Tuesday, July 6, 2010

"Hey miss can I take you out to dinner?."

When is the right time to pursue a new relationship?
Right now I feel as if I have so much baggage.
So many things that I have to carry & I definitely don't
want to confuse myself further or hurt someone who doesn't
deserve to be hurt. However what do you do when you have so
many opportunities to start new? To start fresh? Do you
simply finally put your feelings behind you & take a leap
of faith or do you just wait until you're fully healed?
But when are you fully healed? When do you become repaired
enough to acutally go to dinner with a guy who has been pursuing
you for quite some time? What if you wait too long & that
opportunity passes you by? Doesn't that lead to more confusement?
Doesn't that lead to many more questions? Many more 'what ifs'?
But then again what if you do give it a try & it ends up not
being what you wanted it to be & you end up even more hurt
& also hurt that other person in the process? But
what if it ends up being all you've been searching for?....

In conclusion only you will know when to jump or stay seated.

xSigned___JNF. ♥


  1. but then it sucks after uve made that jump and u still have to go through that emotional rollercoaster until youve found the right one
    :( when do we all win?

  2. I really wish I knew the answer to that question..I wish I knew when would it be our turn to finally win. I guess patience is virtue, right?